No hard Brexit possible if British MPs can get their way

Chris McAndrew Wikimedia
Father of the House Kenneth Clarke

FATHER of the House (the longest serving MP) Kenneth Clarke who is well-known for his pro-European Union commitment is ready to cause more problems for the Conservative government over Brexit.

An amendment tabled by Clarke and the former Labour minister Chris Leslie says Theresa May’s plan for a two-year transition period after Brexit – which she outlined in her recent Florence speech – should be part of the withdrawal bill and if not, exit from the EU should not be allowed to happen.

This is mild however to other plans which cross-party groups of MPs are promoting which demands that the UK parliament should have the right to veto any decision to leave the European Union without a deal.


This news comes after the latest round of Brexit negotiations appeared to get nowhere and the government suggested that it planned to spend £250 million (€275 million) on reviewing the activities needed in the event of no deal being reached.

The Labour party is pleased by the apparent splits within the Conservative party and true to form, the concept that not everyone you ‘buy’ remains ‘bought’ seems to be correct as it appears that the 10 Democratic Unionist MPs who received more than €1 billion for their support of the Tories are unlikely to vote in favour of a Brexit without a deal.

The countdown to Brexit continues!


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