Cataluña teetering on the brink of direct rule from Spain

Carles Puigdemont Twitter
Laying the wreath at the grave of Lluis Companys

WITH less than 24 hours before Spain has demanded confirmation that Cataluña has declared independence, leader Carles Puigdemont laid a wreath at the grave of Lluis Companys.

In the company of the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, he visited the grave of Republican and Catalonian hero Companys on the 77th anniversary of his execution by firing squad.

There is particular significance in this action, as earlier in the week, a spokesman for Spain’s ruling Partido Popular , Pablo Casada, warned that Mr Puigdemont might end up like Companys, although after  recalling the fate of the Catalan leader, he later clarified that he had only meant that Puigdemont might end up in prison.


The Catalan leader made it clear that he and his supporters were “against aggression and against imposed rule” but unless he confirms that Cataluña has declared independence by tomorrow (Monday) morning and then rescinds the declaration by Thursday, the province faces the possibility of the Spanish government invoking Article 155 of the constitution which would allow it to impose direct rule.

If the Catalan leader advises that independence has not been declared, he will face significant criticism within the province, but will remain in post and have the opportunity to try to discuss options for the future as their appears to be little support for an independent state anywhere else  in the world.


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