WATCH: Guardia Civil officer injured in hard landing during helicopter display

HARD LANDING: The officer was rappelling from a helicopter hovering at 40 metres

AN officer of Spain’s Guardia Civil has been injured during while rappelling at high speed from a helicopter during a display in Toledo, Castilla La Mancha.

The lucky officer escaped without serious injury during the demonstration from the chopper hovering at about 40 metres.

He can be seen hitting the ground hard and crumpling into a heap before his colleagues rush to his aid in the city’s bullring.


After being rushed to hospital he was found to have suffered a fractured foot  and his injury ‘is not serious’.

Sources said the braking mechanism on his line didn’t appear to function correctly.

The event was being held ahead of the feast of Our Lady the Virgin of Pilar, patroness of the Guardia Civil, which is today (October 12).


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