Lucky twenty euro banknote worth €12,000 finally found near Costa Blanca

WINNER: Raul Palazon from Murcia found the lucky €20 banknote

THE most sought-after €20 banknote in Spain has been found in Murcia.

Producers from the popular Spanish television programme El Hormiguero (The Anthill), put a €20 note carrying a unique serial number into circulation at the start of September originally  offering a €6,000 prize.

But it wasn’t quickly found so the prize increased up to final value of €12,000.


It was revealed that the banknote was released in the municipality of Villavieja in Castellón so it had only travelled the relatively short distance of 300km in the time it was ‘missing’.

The winner was Raul Palazon from Murcia.

When the young man was asked what he would spend the winnings on he  said, “I’m going to spend it on myself!”



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