British PM Theresa May admits future uncertain for UK citizens in Europe


BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May confessed that she “didn’t know” what the future of UK citizens living in Europe would be if Britain leaves the EU in March 2019 without a deal on the table.

In an interview on British radio, Theresa May claimed that the government was working on “every possible outcome”, and was negotiating with the other 27 member states over the rights of the other 1.2 million UK nationals living on the continent.

However, she was unable to give her word that their right to stay in these countries would be protected should the deal fall through.


She also declined to guarantee that the 3 million EU citizens currently living in Britain would still be welcome should they choose to remain in the country.

The prime minister was challenged by Nina, an EU citizen based in London, who asked if she would be able to carry on living in Britain if the country leaves the union with no deal in 18 months time.

While May claimed that she wants “EU citizens to stay here in the UK”, she was unable to promise that Nina that she could stay, warning that EU citizens rights might “fall away” if an agreement is not reached between the UK and other European countries.

In the same show, the prime minister also refused to reveal how she would vote if there was another Brexit referendum, claiming that “I voted Remain for good reasons at the time but circumstances move on and I think the important thing now is that we should all be focused on delivering Brexit and delivering the best deal.”


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