Air fares to Spain soar after Monarch and Ryanair fiascos


THE average price for flights from the UK to Europe has risen by nearly 25 per cent since mid-September, according to travel search engine Skyscanner.

The website confirmed that air fares for last minute trips have been 23 per cent more expensive in the past few weeks since Ryanair began to announce cancellations.

Passengers flying to certain destinations in Spain saw even higher increases, as last minute flights to Malaga were up 30 per cent, from around €120 to €150, and flights to Alicante increased by 27 per cent.


The demand for flights has also shot up after thousands of Ryanair and Monarch customers had their flights cancelled and had to find alternatives. Skyscanner reported that traffic on its website has risen by 86 per cent in the past few weeks.

Ryanair started to cancel thousands of flights across Europe after it botched up their pilot’s annual leave, which has so far affected roughly 700,000 passengers, while around 860,000 Monarch customers had their travel plans thrown into disarray when the firm suddenly went bankrupt on Monday.

While customers who booked to fly with Monarch until October 15 will be returned to the UK at no extra cost, thousands of others who booked to fly later will not be protected and have been forced to find alternative means of transportation. 


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