Predatory fish discovered in Marbella park causes panic

Marbella se queja/Facebook
See ya later alligator! The fish in question presents no danger

THE discovery of a predatory fish in a Marbella park has sparked panic.

It comes after a photo of the alligator garfish went viral after being circulated on social media.

The species is native to North America and can grow to over 2.5 metres in length, but a biologist from Bioparc Fuengirola told the Euro Weekly Newsthat it is not invasive in Spain and presents no danger to humans.


Instead, it was probably released into the artificial lake in La Represa Park after outgrowing a home aquarium.


  1. The panic sparks vastly more abundantly in the animal kingdom on the planet when the predatory, carnivorous, hunting, poaching humans arrive…


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