British couple’s legal fight with Almeria council goes on

DEFIANT: Len and Helen Prior (centre).

A BRITISH couple who lived in a garage for four-and-a-half years after their Almeria home was demolished have suffered a fresh setback.

After Len and Helen Prior, both in their early 70’s, last year won a court battle entitling them to €425,185 in compensation, the Andalucian High Court of Justice has now ruled that they will receive just over half that amount.

Vera Council must now pay €220,433 to the pair after appealing the initial decision as a nine-year legal battle drags on.

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The Priors’ story made international headlines after their home was bulldozed in 2008 over ‘planning irregularities’ although the couple insist the build was legal.

They had initially requested €800,000 which included a €200,000 emotional damages claim, but the latter was reduced to less than €10,000.

Gerardo Vazquez, lawyer and spokesperson for the Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No campaign group, which has been helping the Priors through their ordeal, said: “I hope their ordeal ends soon because they are good people and don’t deserve this constant stream of bad news.”


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