PM Theresa May ‘You’re fired’, according to Tory conference prankster

Theresa May being handed the fake P45

THERE was a certain amount of embarrassment as Theresa May struggled to give her rallying call at the Conservative Party Conference today (Wednesday).

Amongst other problems a heckler gave her a fake P45 notice saying that it was a gift from Boris Johnson and then Chancellor Philip Hammond had to give her a cough sweet as she had problems with her voice.

As if that wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, the sign behind her stating ‘Building a country that works for everyone’ decided to eject the letters f and e just as she was explaining her plans for the future.


What was due to be a speech to restore her authority might just have achieved the opposite although she did manage to say that the government would build more council houses, cap energy prices  and would renew the British dream.

The antics of comedian Simon Brodkin who delivered the P45 did raise questions about security and the ease in which he was able to approach the podium where the Prime Minister was speaking.



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