Hands off the Rock! Gibraltar tells Spain at the United Nations

Fabian Picardo Twitter
Gibraltar delegations at the UN

SPEAKING to a United Nations Committee on Colonisation in New York on Tuesday, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo once more rejected Spanish claims to the Rock.

In a calm but passionate speech, he once again explained the position of Gibraltarians who have made it clear in two separate votes divided by 35 years that they had no wish to give up their current peaceful existence.

Without directly referring to it, it was clear that the situation in Cataluña was ‘the elephant in the room’ and he made it clear that whilst Gibraltar wanted good relationships with Spain, sovereignty was not up for discussion.


Referring to the recent visit of Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis to La Linea, he made it clear that whilst impressed with the softening of the Spanish attitude, he believed that La Linea, like Gibraltar, had been a victim in the past of Madrid’s “all too frequent tantrums”.

“It was not what they see in La Linea that turns Gibraltarians off Spain.

“It is what we see in Madrid that we do not like” he added.


  1. Barbara says” Imagine if the Spanish owned and ruled the Isle of Man…” well they don’t and as the I o M isn’t part of the UK anyway who cares? Now there’s money to be made in Gib they grumble about Colonialism. What they conveniently forget to acknowledge is their own bit of Colonialism of a part of Morocco on the exact opposite side of the Straits of Gibraltar, called Cueta. A case of glass houses and throwing stones me thinks?


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