WATCH: Drunk Spanish students in underpants try to break into Catholic girls’ flats

La Opinion A Coruña

A GROUP of drunk male university students could face criminal charges after they tried to break into a girls’ hall of residence dressed only in their underpants.

Videos circulating on the internet (see below) show the men aiming karate kicks at the door of the Maria Inmaculada residence in A Coruña, Galicia, which is managed by nuns.

After chanting “We want water,” the gang’s songs took on a more sexual nature as they shouted at the girls to throw down their underwear.


“I was forced to listen to the horrible things they said,” said one of the sisters, although another added that “the girls didn’t even look out of the window.”

Having failed to break down the door, the boys then launched two wheelie bins at it, smashing the shutters.

It comes as universities around Spain celebrate freshers’ week.

Local police officers were called to the scene but could only catch four of the revellers.

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La Opinion A Coruña


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