Outrage over animal welfare in Costa Blanca shelter

CONCERN: Adoption programme a huge success but security issues raised.

SUBSTANDARD conditions and poorly trained staff pose a serious threat to security at Torrevieja’s animal shelter, say trade unionists.

The furious campaigners have reported the facility to the town hall. A delegation from the CSIF union found leaks, exposed electrical panels and wiring, and unprotected personal data in the client files.

Their damning report claimed that workers lacked protective equipment for dealing with animals. Most also had ‘no training or qualifications’ whatsoever.


The shelter has no access for people with reduced mobility. It is a hazard for staff, visitors and the animals, the delegation concluded.

Particular concern was expressed over the role of volunteers. Inspectors found that untrained, and unaccountable, volunteers had access to the personal information of people considering adopting animals.

By law, only registered and paid staff should ever process private information. The shelter was inspected by Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s animal protection unit, a few months ago.

Similar safety issues were raised at the time. Mayor Carmen Morate has admitted that the facility is in bad shape and pledged further investment.

Around 500 animals enter the Torrevieja shelter each year. This is far less than in the past thanks to a concerted effort to improve the Vega Baja’s adoption network.

The shelter currently has a ‘zero slaughter’ policy, whereby no animals are put down unless it is a medical necessity.


  1. You don’t write about the animals. From 25 dogs to 35 dogs on a area at the most 25, gives them loose stomach, from 17 cats to more then 35 givs them loose stomach and stress. It is not a nice place for at cat without teeth to only get dry food or for cats with aids to ge some food at all. You only wrote about the humans. St arvation and isolation is not at good life.

  2. Terribly inaccurate report. Get your facts right. So negative . Why not publish an article with the poor animals as the most important issue and try to get them a forever home. Carmen Morate is not the Mayor!

  3. This is an inaccurate report and very negative towards the shelter. We are volunteers there and have to be registered. Why not publish something positive for the poor creatures stuck there waiting for their forever home. By the way, Carmen Morate is not the Mayor. Please get your facts right.

  4. If Carmen Morate was the Mayor as you inaccurately stated then she would be able to access the funding tied up which is promised and then not released. I am a volunteer and never ever have access to personal data. No mention in your article of the poor creatures holed up in there desperate for a loving home. Shame on you.


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