Bodies found in reservoir believed to be missing Barcelona couple

Susqueda reservoir in Girona. The last known image of the pair (inset)

TWO dead bodies found in a Spanish lake are likely to be those of a missing couple.

The bodies, floating in Susqueda reservoir in the province of Girona, were naked and showed signs of violence according to Spanish media reports, with the body of the male having suffered head injuries.

Initial police suspicions indicate that the cadavers may be of a young couple who disappeared more than a month ago.


Autopsies are currently being carried out in order to confirm the identities as well as the cause of death of the bodies which have spent more than a month in the murky depths of the reservoir.

When underwater, the body decomposes differently.

It produces gas and swells which causes it to sink at first but later return to the surface, though there is also speculation that the drop in water levels caused these two corpses to appear.

Divers spent days searching for Marc (23) and Paula (21), from the town of Maresme on the Barcelona coast, whose Opel Zafira was found seven metres beneath the surface with a rock on the accelerator.

Their canoe had also been loaded with stones.



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