Wanted murderer and 2,320 marihuana plants found in Spanish nature reserve

Guardia Civil
Officers discovering some of the marijuana plants

AFTER officers of the Guardia Civil received a complaint of sexual assault from a tourist, they discovered a Frenchman wanted for murder in France living in a commune.

A group of people had settled without in the forests around the Beneje de Cañar area of Granada amongst whom was the wanted man, who when arrested was found to be in possession of the dead person’s mobile phone.

As well as the alleged sexual assault, two members of the community were also accused of attacking a third party and as officers searched the area, so they discovered that the area was being used to grow cannabis plants.

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Rather than having one large plantation, the 24 people arrested and accused of cultivating the illegal plants had spread them around the forest in small groups to avoid discovery alongside some 40 illegally diverted water catchments.

In all, 2,320 marijuana plants were removed for destruction, with officers establishing that 103 environmental violations had taken place within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

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