WATCH: Welsh company director arrested by armed police in Spain over terror links

ARMED POLICE: Man is arrested after raid on flat in Merida

ARMED officers of Spain’s National Police have raided a property in Merida and arrested Ataul Haque who is accused of financing DAESH and sending ‘technological material’ to Syria for weapons purposes.

It also claimed he was working on developing  drones for combat purposes.

Haque, 34, is linked to a network of front companies that specilaised in computer support, run from an office in Cardiff


The Bangladeshi lived with his partner in a rented flat and has two young children.

The complex investigation  has been carried out by the National Police with the collaboration of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) and the Bangladesh security services.

Several  relatives of the arrested man have also been detained.

Since June 26, 2015, when the Ministry of the Interior raised the Anti-Terrorism Alert Level (NAA) to 4,  security forces have arrested 202 terrorist jihadists in operations in Spain and abroad.



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