British conman extradited from Alicante finally admits guilt in Essex court

Tommy Lynch
A rare albeit blurry image of the elusive Norman Fowler

NORMAN FOWLER who fled to Spain in 2014 after being prosecuted for defrauding £21,000 (€23,500) finally admitted his guilt in a Chelmsford court.

He was actually arrested by Spanish police over a weapons offence but after it was discovered that there was a European Arrest Warrant opened by the British authorities, he was extradited back to the UK in October 2016 where he has been on remand ever since.

When his case was first taken to court upon his return, his lawyer explained that he was too ill to appear to plead but when the case was finally due to be heard he entered a plea of not guilty at the pre-trial hearing.


One day before the trial was due to be held he changed his please to guilty and remains in a secure mental health facility prior to sentencing whilst the court awaits medical evidence and reports.


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