Sex change sorcery: Transsexual duped by medium in Costa Blanca

MIRROR MIRROR: Transsexual taken in by medium’s magic wand.

A SCAM ARTIST tricked a transsexual into believing she could turn him from a man into a woman using magic as a court case continues.

The Santa Pola ‘psychic medium’ took advantage of the man’s vulnerability to convince him to fork out €2,300 for the sex change sorcery, a court heard.

The victim, who believes he is a woman born in a man’s body, contacted the medium over the internet.


She told him in a WhatsApp conversation that she could change someone’s sex from male to female within a week. All he had to do was transfer €2,000 then follow her instructions so the magic would take effect.

Once he made the payment she asked for another €500 for a ‘pact with the devil,’ necessary to ensure that everything went smoothly.

He managed to negotiate the €500 down to €300 but still needed a personal loan to cover the costs.

For the medium to be convicted of fraud, deceit must be proven. But the defence maintains that, since it is impossible to change someone’s sex using magic, the real problem was the extreme naivety of the plaintiff.

The result of the case will prove instructive for similar questions. The internet is awash with psychic healers promising to cure broken hearts, wreak revenge and work financial wonders.


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