Police arrest man linked to Barcelona terror attacks

IN MOURNING: People pay tribute to those killed during the Barcelona attacks.

SPANISH police have detained a man accused of link to last month’s terror attacks in Barcelona.

The 24-year-old originally from Morocco, is a Spanish resident and allegedly had a close relationship to a number of those involved in the August attacks which left 16 people dead and over 130 injured.

Police, who arrested the suspect in Vinaros in Valencia province, are looking into the man’s involvement in buying materials, in particular hydrogen peroxide, which was used to make over 100 kilos of explosives. 


The Islamist cell had been planning to carry out a larger bomb attack, according to police, but these plans were thwarted when the house used as the gang’s lair exploded, killing two of its members.  

So far, six men suspected of being involved were killed by police during the attacks and a further four have been arrested.

Since Spain’s terror alert was raised to level 4, the second highest, in June 2015, Spanish police have arrested 201 people alleged to be associated with militant Islamists. 



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