British children in hospital in Spain after hotel gas leak

112 Cantabria
Emergency services at the Hotel Campomar

NINE British children and a party of pensioner hikers from Malaga Province were amongst those taken to hospital following a carbon monoxide leak at a Spanish hotel.

Five people with suspected serious injuries and 22 people with minor injuries were ferried from the four-star Hotel Campomar in Isla near Santander to a local hospital.

According to emergency services it is thought that the leak was caused by a faulty boiler with the gas being dispersed though bathroom ventilators.


All of those affected were believed to have been found on the first floor of the hotel either unconscious or semi-conscious and the alarm was sounded when a member of the hiker’s party went to check to see why they had not come down for breakfast.

Emergency services evacuated the entire hotel, treating those most seriously affected on the spot and then taking them and the nine children to the local university hospital for treatment.

There are reportedly 52 children all aged 10 to 11 plus two teachers staying at the hotel but it appears that the nine children who were taken to hospital were not in a serious state but as some were asthmatic they had to be checked to ensure that they were not suffer major ill-effects.


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