Goat to be kidding: Spain employs goats to tackle wildfire threat

The 'Goat Fire Brigade'

HUNGRY goats are helping to prevent forest fires in Spain.

A pilot program in Girona, northern Spain, has seen the animals put to work in areas most at risk.

Known as ´Goat Fire Brigades´ the Pau Costa Foundation – which runs the program – says it has revived an ancient agricultural method of wildfire prevention.


The local breeds, well-suited to the terrain, are sent to munch through overgrown scrubland.

This gives fires less fuel, limits the area in which it can spread and also provides fire fighters with a clear route to blazes, enabling them to get closer and deal with the fires more efficiently.

Farmers are also benefitting from the practice as it gives their products a unique selling point.

Hot temperatures, high winds and dry land are the most common causes of wildfires in Spain.


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