Two lucky turtles returned to the sea in Cadiz Province

Ayuntamiento de La Linea de la Concepcion
Returning to its natural habitat, the sea.

THE Mayor of La Linea alongside two of his councillors and the National Government representative from Cadiz oversaw the return of two rescued turtles to the sea.

Having spent a period of time recuperating at the Center of Management of the Marine Environment Andaluz (CEGMA) the two reptiles were sufficiently recovered to be taken to the Levante Beach in La Linea to be coaxed back into the sea.

One of the Loggerhead turtles was an adult weighing in excess of 50 kilos whilst the other was a juvenile but both had been discovered on the beaches some time ago, clearly stranded and it is assumed that they were both weakened by ingesting harmful substances such as plastic.


The adult turtle had been rescued four years ago in Valencia so that this was its second lucky escape and it was mentioned during the release that one third of all of the turtles stranded on the beaches of Andalucia are found on the Cadiz Coast.


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