Picador’s dogs poisoned as revenge for Toro de la Vega celebrations in northern Spain

The dogs next to the message left for Francisco Alcala

THE picador who killed the bull in the Toro de la Vega celebrations in 2015 has had his dogs poisoned in his back garden in northern Spain.

Francisco Alcala, also known as ‘Cachobo’, came to his Leon home to find three of his pets dead and two in agony next to a message that read “Kchovo, murderer” and a drawing of what appears to be a bull.

According to reports there were traces of food believed to have been laced with poison.


Seprona are currently investigating the incident, one of the theories is that anti-bullfighting protestors are behind the cruel incident.


  1. Anti bullfighting activists would never hurt an animal in their protests! More than likely he did this himself to discredit the activists and try to get the Toro de la Vega fiesta back with the killing of the bull by the people. Let’s not forget these people are ruthless, violent and aggressive!


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