British drug baron arrested on Costa Blanca tells all in new book

Chet Sandhu/Facebook
DRUG BARON: Chet Sandhu

CHET SANDHU made his mark in the crime world by smuggling the largest haul of black market steroids in Spanish history at the time, worth almost €1 million.

Gurchettan Sandhu, from Hartlepool in England, was arrested at gunpoint at Alicante airport in 1999 and went on to become one of the most infamous names of the criminal underworld at Fontcalent prison.

The Alicante jail is home to terrorists, murderers and rapists.


It was among such company that Sandhu rose through the ranks of the shady hierarchy and became a big name behind bars, acting as a loan shark, taking part in knife fights and acting as a bodyguard for the vulnerable.

He served two-and-a-half-years, of the four-and-a-half-year sentence dealt to him, in the Spanish jail for trafficking steroids into the country from Pakistan and India. 

Following his eventual release he then went on to be caught with a quarter of a kilogram of cocaine in Newcastle, and was jailed for six-and-a-half years for conspiracy to supply a class A drug, also pleading guilty to living off the earnings of prostitution and blackmailing a prostitute.

After serving four years in Durham and Wealstun prisons he was released in 2007.

In this warts-and-all publication, Sandhu recalls his beginnings as a bouncer in Newcastle where he began to dabble in steroid use, eventually trafficking the products from Karachi, Pakistan where he forged alliances with corrupt police and used British tourists as drug mules.

From King of Karachi to Lockdown in the Costa del Crime: Meet the International Smuggler Who Dominated Europe’s Worst Prison

Sandhu says in the book that it is a story he never wanted to write down but friends on Facebook had enjoyed his stories so much that they suggested he write a book.

He warns early on that “this book will offend some people, those I know and others who I have never met. 

“I’m not bothered. This is my story and if anyone has a problem with it they should come and see me. I’m not hard to find.”


  1. His “friends” must be as sick as he is to “enjoy” his stories of criminality, alas he can’t be extradited but his passport should be rescinded.


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