AIRPORT STRIKES SPAIN: Tax authority reluctant to accept union demands

Cristobal Montoro

SPAIN’S tax authority, Hacienda, has yet to sit in meetings with airport unions and the government to avoid the proposed 25 days of strikes.

The key governmental department is ultimately the one who decides whether to accept the workers’ demands or not, as both Aena and Enaire – the companies that manage Spain’s airports – are part of the public sector.

The Minister of Hacienda, Cristobal Montoro, argues that if the government increase their staff numbers and wages, that they would set a precedent for other public sector companies such as Correos (Post Office) and RTVE.


Airport union workers, with the support of Aena’s president Jose Ramon Vargas, said they deserve an exception as the workers are the only group within Aena that are not benefiting from the current boom in the industry.

The strikes have not yet been called and talks are continuing however unions are aware that any deal struck with the Ministry for Development must then be approved by Spain’s tax authority. 


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