AIRPORT STRIKES SPAIN: Unions ‘fear the worst’ but talks continue


TALKS between the government and the airport unions have not gone as well as previous meetings, with some unions “fearing the worst.”

Yesterday’s (September 12) meeting was “more technical” and also showed a distancing between the two groups, leading to further talks scheduled for today (September 13) to try and find common ground again.

The airport unions have warned that the suspended 25 days of strikes will only be called off if “all of their demands” over salary and staffing numbers are met, as they described the governments proposed changes as “insufficient.”


They are calling for a further 700 staff to help deal with Spanish airports ever increasing influx of people and more than a 1% increase to their salaries.

A full list of the proposed strike dates can be found here


  1. Hi. Please can you give us the public more information on the Palma airport strike on Twitter and news papers as we are due to fly on September 24th from Palma . regards Gillian Freeman


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