WATCH: Aggressive passenger choked to floor on Ryanair flight from Spain by ‘have-a-go-hero’


AN aggressive man was choked by a fellow passenger during a Ryanair flight.

A video has surfaced online showing the moment an allegedly drunk and rowdy passenger was taken down by a mystery, grey-haired ‘hero’.

The passenger, who was said to have been causing trouble aboard the Ryanair flight from Girona to Luton for more than two hours.


British media sources claim the man had been making a nuisance of himself during the entire late-night flight, singing loudly with his headphones on and irritating the other passengers despite repeated warnings from stewards.

As the plane touched down, the man got up from his seat, trying to push past the cabin crew and demanding that they get out of his way.

It was at this point that a silver-haired traveller rose to the occasion and restrained the man in a headlock until he dropped to the floor.

Other passengers on board the Ryanair flight cheered and shouted words of encouragement, complimenting his bravery.

Police later came and arrested the man.

Ryanair has called on UK airports to enforce a two-drink limit per boarding pass due to a surge in arrests for drunken behaviour on flights, also requesting that they ban the sale of alcohol prior to 10am.

The company has also taken a number of measures to deal with this increase including banning customers from drinking duty-free alcohol on flights.

They have also prevented passengers from bringing any alcohol on board flights from Glasgow and Manchester to Ibiza in a bid to improve behaviour.


  1. It is a classic “Sleeper” hold, not a chokehold. There is a vast difference. A “Sleeper” cuts off the blood to the brain, and renders you unconscious is a few seconds. A chokehold cuts the air supply and is extremely dangerous. This guy knew what he was doing.

  2. the added effects of alcohol would have made it even faster…cutting the blood to brain can take as little as a few seconds to make you feel woozy, press your fingers on both carotid arteries and you will feel it.. its the difference between a strangle and a choke…


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