Galicia couple accused of animal abuse as 11 dogs found in “deplorable conditions”

Some of the puppies rescued by Seprona

A COUPLE have been accused of animal abuse after Guardia Civil found 11 dogs in “deplorable conditions.”

The pair, from Chapela, Galicia, are alleged to have left the creatures weak and starving in an unsanitary environment.

Agents of Seprona (Guardia Civil´s animal protection branch) began the investigation after seeing a four-year-old dog seriously injured on a social media page.


The page reported that the owners had taken the dog to a vet, requesting that it be put to sleep due to the wounds on its foot which they reportedly claimed were the result of a bite.

An animal association launched a fundraising campaign to pay for the treatment which involved the amputation of the injured leg from the Belgian Shepherd.

It was the state in which the animal was brought in that caused Seprona to investigate and a visit to the house of the owner revealed 11 more dogs were living in poor sanitary conditions in various annexes of the house.

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Three of the hounds were found to be dangerous breeds, without sufficient insurance or registration and were removed from the property.

One dog was lacking an identity chip and another two were apparently being looked after for other people.

A criminal investigation is ongoing against the couple for alleged animal abuse.

perros4 4 g WEB SKINNY DOG

One of the dogs rescued. ©Seprona


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