Windscreen viper? Driver in Spain gets shock of his life

SNAKE SHOCK: The reptile appeared when it started to drizzle and the driver switched on the wipers

A CAR driver in Spain got the shock of his life when he turned on his wipers and a huge snake emerged in front of his eyes on the windscreen.

The man from  Ferrol, a city in the province of A Coruña in Galicia, in the north-west of the country was driving along with his daughter when it started to drizzle.

When he switched on the wipers the two-metre-long serpent suddenly appeared from the area where the wipers rest.


The shocked driver closed the car’s windows and accelerated to try and shake the snake off. He contemplated calling the police but said at the time there was no option but to keep driving.

He said, “My daughter was frightened, she wanted to get out of the car.

“I don’t know if it was a viper, It was quite long. I accelerated and think it fell onto the road, because when I got home it was gone.”

Experts believe that the reptile was a Montpellier snake, native to Spain, rear-fanged and mildly venomous.They can grow up to 2 metres (7 ft) long.


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