Last Night of the Proms, Gibraltar style

HM Government of Gibraltar
Flying the flags in Gibraltar

SIR ALAN DUNCAN the Minister for Europe made his first trip to Gibraltar in order to meet with the government and to show Britain’s support for the Rock on National Day.

He was the guest of honour at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra concert which took place last Saturday with an audience of nearly 5,000 people and was seen to wave both the Union Flag and the Gibraltar Flag.

The concert leading into National Day which was celebrated last Sunday contained a range of the better known and traditional pieces from the Last Night of the Proms.


Singers, soprano Laura Wright and Welsh tenor Wynne Evans known for the Go compare insurance adverts on television were in fine form and an enthusiastic audience joined in with many of the anthems, especially Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory.

With tickets costing just £5, this was considered by many locals to be the best musical bargain for a long time and very appropriate for the 50th Anniversary of the Referendum which overwhelmingly called for Gibraltar to retain its links with the United Kingdom.

In the front row can be seen from left to right Lorraine Davis, wife of Governor Ed Davis, Sir Alan Duncan, Fabian Picardo and wife Justine.


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