WATCH: TV presenter blasted for ‘macho’ stunt as co-star’s skirt is slashed live on-air

Canal Sur TV
FUNNY OR NOT: The skirt-shredding incident on live afternoon TV

POPULAR Spanish television presenter Juan y Medio has provoked a storm of reaction after cutting slits in the skirt of his co-presenter, Eva Ruiz, during a live TV broadcast.

The veteran TV star took a pair of scissors and chased Ms Ruiz around the set to the astonishment of the audience during the afternoon show when many children would have been watching.

She laughed nervously and attempted to fend him off shouting, “Juan, you have gone mad!” as she tried to keep her modesty. A floor manager stepped in to cover her back as her panties were exposed.


Social network users have since called for his dismissal.

The show was broadcast on Canal Sur TV across Andalucia and it provoked a storm of comments from politicians and social media users describing it as a display of machismo and not seeing it as remotely humourous.

Later the channel Tweeted an apology to any viewers ‘that might have been offended’.

And co-presenter, Eva Ruiz, also came out in defence of the presenter and denied the accusations of macho behaviour against her and said she was ‘happy working with Juan y Medio.’


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