Malaga football club owner tells fan group they are not wanted

The Frente Bokeron

A MALAGA Football Club fan group have been told that they are not wanted by the club´s owner.

Abdullah Al-Thani told Frente Bokeron, the ever-rowdy group of fans who provide the majority of the noise at La Roselada (Malaga´s stadium), that they are not welcome.

Across two tweets, he said:


“Frente Bokeron, you’re out of the stadium. You are not welcome in the stadium. You are unwanted people in the stadium.”


One of the deleted tweets. ©lacarab_futbol/Twitter

He also included a video of a laughing lion with the tweets, which have since been removed.

The group of staunch supporters, which has been active for more than 31 years, were planning a protest of silence on Monday night´s game against Las Palmas due to a fixture change to suit tv audiences which they believe has a negative impact on their season.

Following the surprise tweet from the club´s Qatari owner, Frente Bokeron have cancelled their planned silence and have avowed to cheer more than ever instead.

Club manager, Michel Gonzalez, has called for unity in an effort to obtain their first victory of the season.

Al-Thani has caused previous controversy on Twitter, once referring to Barcelona as ´scum.´


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