Drunken passengers who caused emergency landing for Alicante-bound flight are sentenced


DRUNKEN passengers who forced an Alicante-bound plane to make an emergency landing have now been sentenced.

Strangers sitting nearby to each other began drinking heavily on the flight, becoming increasingly offensive towards staff and fellow passengers.

A three-hour flight delay saw 30-year-old Derek Root down a total of 10 shots of Jack Daniel´s whiskey in the Glasgow Airport departure lounge whilst waiting.


Upon boarding, a man who was sat nearby to him, 38-year-old Alexander Gray, gave him a bottle of Jagermeister (a strong German spirit) which he began drinking.

The pair, who had never met before, became more and more intoxicated and stewards came and confiscated the Jagermeister.

Root then pressed a number of call buttons until a cabin crew member came over who he told to go f*** herself.

She asked for his passport and he responded by asking her if she wanted to see his genitals.

His partner, who he was travelling with, gave Root´s passport to the crew member but he got up out of his seat and tried to grab it back demanding, “Give me my f***ing passport you c**t!”

Whilst this was occurring Gray was repeatedly banging the seat in front of him and vomited on the floor and seat beside him.

After this he began spitting at the seat in front of him as well as shouting and swearing.

At that point, more than 640 kilometres after taking off the pilot made the decision to divert and make an emergency landing at Bristol Airport.

When cabin crew asked Gray to put his seatbelt on, he replied by asking if the crew member wanted to sit on him and suggesting she did it for him.

Staff eventually managed to calm them down and get both men back into their seats, both falling asleep almost instantly as the plane made the emergency diversion.

Upon landing, police boarded the plane and claim to have found rousing the pair very difficult.

Root was jailed for eight months and Gray was handed a six-month sentence, suspended for 12 months



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