Ryanair to axe wheelie bags in cabin – unless you book priority


RYANAIR customers will have to pay €5.50 for priority boarding if they want to carry a wheelie bag on board.

The airline will also axe the two free bags in the cabin policy unless you pay for priority boarding. All other passengers will only be allowed to take one smaller bag on board, and have their larger wheelie bags placed in the hold free of charge at the boarding gate.

They claim the current policy causes flight delays as there is a shortage of overhead cabin space, and will roll out the changes on November 1.


To compensate for the changes, Ryanair will increase the checked-in baggage allowance from 15kg to 20kg while reducing the fee from €38 to €28, to encourage travellers to put their luggage in the hold.

The airlines chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, said: “These bag policy changes will cost Ryanair more than €50m a year in reduced checked bag fees. However, we believe offering bigger bags at reduced fees will encourage more customers to consider checking in a bag, which will reduce the high volume of customers we have with two carry-on bags at the boarding gates, which is causing flight delays due to large numbers of gate bag and cabin bag offloads.”

Priority boarding costs €5.50 at the time of booking, but can be added on up to one hour before the scheduled departure for €6.55.


  1. They’ve made a rod for their own back – they introduced the two bag policy and now we have to pay for it! Go back to one bag and strict size regulation like they had before.
    Priority boarding won’t be ‘priority’ if everyone pays for to take their bag on board.
    I don’t want to be waiting at baggage reclaim when going back to the U.K. for a few days.


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