Up in smoke for two drug dealers in Granada province

Guardia Civil
It would have been better to have used the fireplace

IT was almost like a scene from a Cheech and Chong movie when a pair of young men set fire to incriminating evidence in Atarfe.

Suspecting the two young men of selling marihuana, officers from the Guardia Civil in the Vega de Granada area decided to make an unexpected call on the pair to see what they could find.

Panicking when the knock on the door came, the couple decided that they had better burn the evidence which consisted of a number of marihuana plants but they didn’t think their plan through properly!


Rather than place the plants into a fireplace they put them onto the floor of the garage and then set fire to them.

As the only way out of the property was through the garage and as the entire place was filling up with smoke, they found themselves becoming legless for more than one reason and had to appeal to the officers to break in and rescue them.

After the hapless stoners were transported to the local hospital for treatment, the fire brigade were called in to put out the fire.

Once recovered, the pair was arrested for suspected arson and possessing illegal drugs for sale.


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