Man held after trying to kidnap two-year-old in southern Spain


AN OFF-DUTY local police officer and a tour guide teamed up to stop an attempted kidnapping in Torrevieja.

The shocking incident took place on La Cura beach, popular with British holidaymakers and expatriates, as the infant was walking with her grandmother.

Witnesses described how a well-built man aged around 60 approached the pair before swiping the toddler and fleeing on foot.


Two women, one of who arranges trips from Benidorm to La Cura, were alerted by the older relative’s screams and grappled with the man as he neared the local tourist office.

As one grabbed him from behind the other snatched the youngster from his arms.

He tried to run away but was pursued by the policeman who had also been drawn by the shouts and pinned him to the floor.

After he was taken into custody by the Guardia Civil it emerged that the alleged abductor has a history of mental health issues.

He has been charged with attempted kidnapping, police said in a statement.

An ambulance was also called to attend to the grandmother who suffered a panic attack in the wake of the commotion, while the child was reportedly unharmed.


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