Child’s murder and beating of pregnant woman shocks inland Spanish town

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ELDA: Police at the scene of the investigation

A BOY of eight has been murdered and a pregnant woman tied up and beaten in Elda in the province of Alicante, Spain.

Hearing a loud scream and seeing that their apartment door was half-open, a concerned neighbour decided to enter. 

She was confronted by the child’s half-naked body lying on the floor and the four months pregnant woman, who was bound and gagged and had been beaten.


The neighbour immediately called the emergency services who tried unsuccessfully to revive the child and took the woman, who was in shock, to Elda General Hospital. 

The child lived with his father, who is also his legal guardian, and the latter’s partner in the apartment in the centre of Elda.

According to early reports police suspected that the child was sexually abused and the woman raped, although her family later denied this.

The investigation is focusing on two men wearing motorcycle helmets who intercepted the woman and child on the landing as they prepared to go downstairs at approximately 9pm.

As there were no signs of forced entry and nothing was missing from the apartment, investigators have ruled out robbery.

The child’s father, who had a panic attack on arriving home and discovering what had happened, left the building in handcuffs.  He was restrained to stop him from hurting himself, police sources explained, and they were removed he calmed down in the police car taking him to Elda hospital where he was sedated.



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