Old flame demands €100,000 from married man in Alicante to destroy sex tapes

Guardia Civil
Being escorted for interview over alleged crime

A DUTCHMAN and his Spanish female partner have been arrested for trying to blackmail an old lover out of €100,000.

The 52-year-old woman contacted her former ‘friend’ a now married businessman in Alicante Province to rekindle their relationship and after exchanging a number of sexually charged images and conversations, told him that she would publish the exchanges unless he paid over €100,000.

The man refused to pay this amount or to deliver the money to Lloret de Mar as instructed  but offered instead to pay €60,000 provided that she sign a document confirming that all of the evidence would be destroyed.


The pair agreed to this compromise and met with the businessman in the cafeteria of a hotel in an as yet unnamed town in Alicante Province where the woman signed the document.

At this time, officers from the Guardia Civil who the man had alerted to the attempted blackmail made themselves known and arrested the couple for alleged extortion.


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