Armed gang who snatched €10 million snared by Mallorca police

Guardia Civil
Police storm Los Lobatos bolthole.

TEN members of a Mallorca crime gang have been held after a Spanish police sting.

The Los Lobatos gang are allegedly the masterminds behind over 400 armed robberies on the island. It is estimated they stole up to €10 million from homes and businesses.

Over €11,000 plus jewellery and other valuable artefacts were seized during the raids.


Investigators had been tracking the group for months and assigned over 100 officers to work on the case. The complex operation involved monitoring each member of the gang individually using advanced surveillance techniques.

According to the officers working on the case, the crime ring was organised in a strict hierarchy with members specialising in different areas of expertise, from deactivating alarm systems to staking out future victims.

On Tuesday it was announced the Guardia Civil had arrested the gang members during raids in Palma de Mallorca, Llucmajor, Inca, and Lloret de Vistalegre while they were planning their next strike. They also located various hideouts the thieves had used to stash stolen goods.


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