Costa del Sol couple devastated by the theft of a camera containing photos of the son they lost

Lynn, Russell and Brendon together on his 19th birthday – this is the sort of picture that means so much to them

SINGER Antony Wolfson has alerted this newspaper to the sad news that Costa del Sol residents Lynn and Russell Davies have had precious memories of their son stolen.

A thief took a camera containing pictures of severely disabled son Brendon who passed away on April 18 last year as well as their passports and some jewellery but whilst passports and jewellery can be replaced, precious images of their son cannot.

Hopefully, the person who stole the camera or someone who knows them will read this and and will understand that for parents to lose their child at age of 19 is a terrible blow but at least they gained some comfort from keeping his memory alive by having the photographs to hand.


They appeal to the burglar to return the photographs if nothing else so that they don’t suffer a second heartbreak in just over a year.

The severely disabled Brendon was born in the Costa del Sol and surprised many by managing to live until the age of 19 thanks to the dedicated care given to him by his parents but he finally succumbed to his disabilities and the funeral service was attended by a large number of mourners at a ceremony held at the Santo Cristo de la Veracruz Crematorium Estepona on April 20, 2016.

Brendon’s parents are well known and enthusiastic dancers and always ensured that he was part of anything that they did and supporters like Antony Wolfson and Tim Knight did all that they could to help the family.

Now, Antony is spearheading this request to try to find the missing photographs and if anyone can help they can call Euro Weekly News on 952 561 245, send an email via the contact page on the web site or email [email protected]  direct.


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