Suspected thief helped track down stolen moped in Malaga

National Police
Stolen: Scooter parts found in suspects´ home

A MAN who had his moped stolen in Malaga was offered help in exchange for money from an acquaintance to locate it only to find that the man helping him was allegedly the one who stole it.

The victim reported his moped stolen to police after it went missing from the designated parking bay where he had left it.

After the report was made, an acquaintance offered to take the man to where he believed the moped had ended up in Malaga City for a fee of €50.


Upon reaching the scooter, it was found to be totally stripped of all parts.

As the police investigation progressed, a 24-year-old man was arrested who was found to have several pieces of moped scattered throughout his home.

The man arrested turned out to be the acquaintance who had taken him to the dismantled scooter.


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