New Zealander appointed trade negotiator to lead Britain into the future

Department of International Trade
Crawford Falconer

THE British Government recognises that no-one in the UK has any experience in negotiating trade deals outside of the European Union.

For this reason therefore, it has appointed New Zealander Crawford Falconer as Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser and Second Permanent Secretary for the Department of International Trade.

The former ambassador to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) will be the principal adviser to the International Trade Secretary (Dr Fox) on striking trade agreements and market access deals with the UK’s global trading partners.


A New Zealand/UK dual-national, he was recently Professor of Global Value Chains and Trade at Lincoln University following a career in New Zealand’s Foreign Office, as Deputy Secretary for International Trade and Foreign Affairs. 


  1. “no-one” – shoddy #bremainer hyperbole in the extreme.

    The UK has some of the world’s leading business schools producing top MBAs who are sought internationally.

    Certainly Crawford Falconer’s experience & objectivity is to be welcomed in contrast to the myopic egotism & intransigence always displayed by Brussels bureaucrats.


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