Costa Blanca animal poisonings spark outrage

UNSAFE? Caleta dels Gossets.

A SPATE of animal poisonings has sparked outrage.

Two dogs were killed within a week in the Pintor Sorolla area of Santa Pola, leading furious animal activists to organise a petition which has already attracted hundreds of signatures.

They claim that the lack of a quality dog park in the town centre means they are forced to exercise their pets in parks and other open spaces, aggravating certain residents.


Both of the dead animals reported to have consumed poisoned bait while being walked, and the Association of Pet Owners of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant claims the product used is also dangerous for wildlife and children playing in the area.

“There is just one small dog park in El Calvario and it is not big enough or accessible for many people, and the one in Gran Alacant is very far away,” the group said in a statement.

“In addition, there are two species of protected gulls in our town, and if any individual of these was damaged the culprit would face a severe punishment.”

The council say dog-owners are well-catered for with two parks plus Caleta dels Gossets beach, however, despite recent concerns the latter is dangerous after a dog was killed by a car.

In Orihuela Costa, the Guardia Civil has launched a probe after seven stray cats were found dead or dying on Calle Langosta. A local woman has apparently been infuriating some neighbours by providing daily meals for up to 20 of the animals.

Feral cats are a major issue along much of the Costa, and a number of councils are now taking steps to stop them multiplying.



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