Facebook down for many users in Spain and UK

FACEBOOK DOWN: Down Detector website report that many people were seeing blank pages on the site

FACEBOOK appears to have stopped working for many people in Spain, the UK and other parts of northern Europe – particularly those using laptops and desktop computers and the Google Chrome browser.

The Down Detector website is reporting  that many people were seeing blank pages on the site because of a technical problem.

The issue appears to be particularly hitting people trying to get on Facebook via the Google Chrome internet browser.


But  forcing a computer to reload the page can often easily bring the site back to life. Usually this can  be done by holding down CTRL + F5  on the keyboard.

The problems appear to be focused in the UK and northern Europe, according to Down Detector’s outage map. But that might simply be because of timezones, which mean that more more users in that region are currently online.


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