Another gang of drug smugglers arrested in Andalucia

Guardia Civil
One of the boats no longer available to smugglers

THANKS to an investigation which has been ongoing for nearly a year, officers from the Guardia Civil have busted another drug smuggling gang, seizing tons of hashish.

Following the installation of the barriers at the mouth of the Rio Guadarranque, smugglers resident in Ceuta and the Campo de Gibraltar turned their attention to the Rio Palmones near Los Barrios in Cadiz Province.

It became a game of wits between the drug smugglers and the Guardia Civil who managed to frustrate some attempts to bring drugs into the country (as they were thrown into the sea) and seized more than two tonnes of hashish as well as arresting two people.


Eventually, the officers decided that they had sufficient evidence to arrest all of the suspected members of the gang and they raided properties in Algeciras and La Linea de la Concepcion arresting 14 people and removing 12 boats of various types, six vehicles, 30 mobile phones, €7,000 in cash and 34 kilos of hashish.

The Guardia Civil estimate that in total, the value of all of the property and drugs confiscated exceeds €1.5 million. 


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