‘Positive’ talks between Aena and unions but Spanish airport strikes not called off yet

Union, Aena and ENAIR representatives during talks

TALKS between Spanish airports manager Aena and the security staff unions have been described as “positive” but the proposed airport strikes have not been called off.

Both Aena and the air navigation manager ENAIRE have agreed that there needs to be increases in wages and staff numbers, and have already forwarded plans to Hacienda in order to implement them.

They state the increased air traffic, which is expected to keep growing over the next few years, as the main reason more staff is needed.


More meetings have been scheduled, one with the secretary of State Transport, Infrastructure and Housing, Julio Gomez-Pomar.

Aena has said that dialogue between the unions and its company will always remain open.

Although these talks continue, security staff who are threatening the strikes are actually employed by private contractors appointed by Aena.


  1. Is this referring to the strikes that were taking place in Barcelona or the Spanish airport strikes that are due to start on 15 September, does anyone know ?


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