Off-duty policeman disarms knife robber in Torrevieja

Google Street View
KNIFE THREAT: Plaza de Oriente where the man was running wielding a knife

A RESIDENT of Torrevieja was arrested by an off-duty member of the National Police for wielding a knife.

The 40-year-old – believed to have a history of mental illness – had been running amok in the town centre causing panic in the Plaza de Oriente, situated close to the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which caused many to flee for their safety.  Fortunately, one of the passers-by was a member of the police who managed to disarm the man and detain him.  The policeman suffered several cuts to his hands and arms although the wounds are said to be superficial.

Police sources said that the man detained had just committed two robberies in separate properties: the first being empty but then went to the neighbouring house where he held the frightened elderly couple at knife point.  It was as this point that he left the scene of his crimes but continued to wave his knife around and threatening pedestrians until the policeman intervened.


Members of the local police and the Guardia Civil attended the scene and they were quick to point out in the aftermath that this wasn’t a terrorist attack as had been suggested on various social media and WhatsApp.



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