War on drug smugglers appears to be working in Campo de Gibraltar

Guardia Civil
A collage of activities undertaken by Guardia Civil and National Police

CONSIDERING the number of complaints that had been received from councils and police authorities in the Campo de Gibraltar, Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido visited Algeciras.

Meeting with officers of the Guardia Civil and National Police, he learned that since the middle of this July, increased activity has seen  83 drug traffickers been arrested in the region and 8791 kilos of drug seized (mainly hashish, marijuana and cocaine).

Arrests and seizures have increased dramatically as the government has upped the number of officers in the Campo, especially La Linea de la Concepcion, a smuggling hotspot by 150 officers  and this additional force is being cited as the reason for the success of the campaign.


The minister expressed his delight at the results, the professionalism of those involved who had also seized 14 boats, 3 jet skis and 28 vehicles and confirmed his ministry’s ongoing support for the war against illicit drugs.


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