Warning issued over theft method used in Murcia

National Police
CLEVER: Transparent strips found outside homes.

THIEVES in Murcia are using a very sophisticated method to enable them to break in to properties when there is nobody at home.

National Police officers have been alerted to an increasing number of homes that have had miniscule tabs of plastic placed across door and gate openings close to the frames and the hinges.

The modus operandi of the potential robbers is to go around the neighbourhood sticking these plastic strips on as many residential properties as they can. They then return to the same houses a few days later to see if the strips are still in place.


If they are, then there’s a good chance that the home is unoccupied as the door hasn’t been opened.

If it had been, then the transparent piece of plastic would fall to the floor and the homeowner would’ve been none the wiser.

It was only due to a number of residents in one area of Murcia who noticed these tabs outside their doors at the same time that the police were contacted.

National Police – not just in Murcia – have warned people about this inventive method of monitoring empty properties and advising residents to check their and their neighbours doors and gates on a regular basis, especially during the holiday periods.


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