Three arrested for starting 41 forest fires in Spain

FEELING THE HEAT: Three arrested for starting forest fires

THE GUARDIA CIVIL in Coruña has arrested three people for allegedly starting 41 forest fires in Galicia, northern Spain.

In ‘Operation Antorchas’ a  53-year-old man has been arrested in Messina for allegedly starting 28 fires. The fires began within a few metres of inhabited dwellings with serious risk to people. When he was arrested he was carrying four  lighters. 

Additionally, two people, aged 20 and 21, from the towns of Carrizal-Coristanco and Sixto-Carballo were arrested also detained as alleged perpetrators of an addiitional 13 forest fires.



  1. Bring the electric chair back for these people!!! They are ruining so many people’s lives and kill so many animals and their habitat. No mercy on them.


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