WATCH: Brit tourist who filmed attack on bus driver in Ibiza faces social media backlash

YouTube: Life of Rye
ATTACK: The pavement fight between the bus driver and two aggressive passengers

A BRITISH holidaymaker has filmed a violent scuffle between two Spanish passengers and a bus driver in  San Antonio, on the holiday island of Ibiza.

Shocked passengers and passers-by witnessed the pavement fight involving a young man and woman and the bus driver  with punches being thrown  and kicks being aimed  before bystanders eventually intervened and pinned the male passenger to the ground as the bus driver continued his journey.

YouTube user  Life of Rye, who posted the video, on  social media has since been heavily criticised for filming the incident and giving a running commentary instead of stepping in to try and stop the fight.


One person commented (in Spanish), “You have to be unhappy to start recording and not have the slightest intention of helping a man who is doing his job and is being attacked by two. XXI Century where uploading a cool video is more important than helping a person in trouble. You embarrass me.”

And another user, SheilockS14, has reported the Brit’s video to YouTube for ‘inciting hatred and violence’ continuing, “Life of Rye, ur a piece o sh*t… recording this and zero help to dus driver… go away all tourism like this…”


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